Saturday, August 26, 2006

Momentum 02.09-15.10 Moss (NOR)

Momentum 2006 is the 4th Nordic Festival of Contemporary Art in Moss. This year Momentum became a part of the County Gallery, Punkt Ø for Østfold County. Momentum as a festival is to profile young Scandinavian artists and to present the international context within which they work. Nationally, the festival is the largest event of its kind, and together with LIAF (Lofoten International Art Festival) it is one of two international festivals of contemporary art. We also have a third function as a presence in Østvold and Moss to which local expectations are attached. The main exhibition is accompanied by a discursive programme including other festival exhibitions that expand upon and discuss the formal choices and composition of the focal event. This secondary programme involves collaborative ventures with the Office for Contemporary Art Norway, the British Council Norway, Norwegian Association of Art Societies, the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, and the class for curators at Telemark University College. The full scope of the festival and its discursive programme is described in detail in the festival programme.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Peoples the Balkans! until 26.08 Douarnenez (FR)

The time of the miracles ‹in Douarnenez! And if us, we suddenly offer you Yugoslav films, while Yugoslavia does not exist any more! And if we make you walk between Albanian bunkers, Macedonian monasteries, Serbian villages and Bosnian hills? And if a gypsy brass band tumbles on the beach of Porzh Kad? And if we have a ride Brest-Barcelone-Béjaïa-Tijuana all in the same day? On the big screen, plij mar! To finish blissful to "lover bigorneau"?! Then we would know that we belong to Douarnenez! In the attractive time of the Festival Š The Balkans, straight ahead in eyes! 58 fictions and documentaries Š ³

* The Yugoslav years: Dusan Makavejev, Goran Paskaljevic, Goran
Markovic, Zelimir Zilnik, Ademir Kenovic, Emir Kusturica
* National Identities and minorities: minorities of Macedonia, Bulgaria,
Rumania. Aroumains.
* Window on Albania
* Rroms of the Balkans in the cinema
* Bosnians, Croats, Serbs in the war
* the Next days Š

Thematic festival of cinema in French Brittany :
@ Douarnenez ‹from 19 till 26 August 2006

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

liverpool biennial 16.09-26.11.

International festival of contemporary art.
For ten weeks every two years, several hundred of the world's most exciting visual artists show their work in over 40 locations across Liverpool city centre, from major gallery spaces to unexpected temporary locations. The fourth Liverpool Biennial runs from 16 September to 26 November. Make it. Follow it. Live it.
Visit the site for the program.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Doug Aitken on MoMA’s Exterior (NY)

In a press conference at The Museum of Modern Art today, New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced a major public art project to be presented at MoMA in January 2007. The Museum and Creative Time have jointly commissioned Doug Aitken to create the artist’s first large-scale public artwork in the United States, which will be the first to bring art to MoMA’s exterior walls. Continuous sequences of film scenes will be projected on the 53rd and 54th Street facades of MoMA’s building as well as those overlooking the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden.

Inspired by the densely built environment of New York’s midtown, the artist will create a multiscreen cinematic art experience that will directly integrate with the architectural fabric of the city while simultaneously enhancing and challenging viewers’ perceptions of public space. The project, filmed in New York City, will be shown daily from January 16 to February 12, 2007, from 5:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m., and will be visible from many public vantage points adjacent to the Museum. It is a joint project of Creative Time and The Museum of Modern Art.

Friday, August 11, 2006

"From Dusk Till Dawn" 12.08. Berlin

The installation takes place in Berlin at the Kiosk “Akuna Matata” (subway station Eberswalder Strasse) in the night of August 12, 2006.

"From Dusk Till Dawn" starts at sundown (9:00 pm) continuing through the night till early morning.

We love to invite you to this occasion. Please don’t forget your Mobile!“From Dusk Till Dawn” is a visual, interactive installation of mobile communication technologies in urban space.

Mobile communication networks have become a prominent part in our daily lives stretching all around the globe, linking people from all continents and accompanying us in every move we make by laying their complex framework over our cities like virtual worlds.

But how do people react to ubiquitous communication? How is it used and how is interaction accomplished? What consequences arise concerning the environment we live in?

Today, every mobile user alters through mobile communication or data exchange actively but invisibly his surrounding space and his spatial relations.

“From Dusk Till Dawn” faces this issue: Mobile communication devices are tracked by a system and visualized on a public screen. The installation makes mobile communication visible and creates awareness for the openness, transparency and possible exploitation of users employing these technologies.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Movies on a Roof in Brooklyn 04.08. (NY)

If you've been to underground noise rock shows, dangerous loft parties in derelict areas, or unlawful bicycle events in the streets, you might've noticed some of the members of the Black Label Bicycle Club. They tend to be tattooed and pierced and wear black-painted jeans-jackets. They seem to like to party and fight. And they build their own bicycles. Tall-bikes, in particular: frames welded on top of other frames so the seat rides six feet off the ground. They're easy to spot cruising down a crowded avenue, or jousting under a bridge, carrying a long plumbing pipe and trying to knock an opponent to the tar.

But if you've only ever gawked from afar at these pedal-powered Hell's Angels, you don't know the whole story.

Granted, they're hard to get to know. As visible as they are, the Black Label Bike Club remains a tight knit, self-protective, secretive sort of group. Anthony Howard wanted to know more, so he tried to join the club. And he made a film about it.

Howard throws himself headlong (and headfirst off more than a few tall-bikes) into the Black Label lifestyle, and, along with co-director Jacob Septimus, discovers that Black Label is about a lot more than booze, brawls and bikes. Comprised mainly of artists driven by anti-materialism and a belief that the impending apocalypse will render cars useless and bicycles in power, BLBC battles mainstream consumer culture and rival gangs for its vision of a better tomorrow. Howard's vision, however, becomes increasingly blurred by drugs and self-destruction. In his desperate attempts to appease the group, Howard loses perspective on what the group values, and loses control of his own life.

This fascinating and gorgeously gritty film provides insight into a passionate political subculture, and exposes the darker aspects of living on the wild side.
Heads break, necks crack, drugs are consumed in mass quantities, and the inherent contradictions of radical individualists attempting to maintain a group identity implode, reform and implode yet again, in an absolutely fascinating tour of a modern netherworld.
-Ray Greene, Box Office Magazine

At first, B.I.K.E. seems to be about people who are nothing like us, but...moments of relatable sincerity...make the film far more than a dissection of a movement. Its central conflict between individual need and group comfort is something we can all understand. -John Thomason, Orlando Weekly

Vaz are dark and spooky but still manage to have an outstanding pop element.
Friday August 4, 2006
8:30 - Live Music by Vaz (click for info)
9:00 - Showtime
TRT: 1:29:00
Watch the trailer