Sunday, July 30, 2006

Edinburg Art Festival until 03.09. Scotland

The aim of the Festival is to place the visual arts at the heart of August’s international cultural mix by highlighting the quality and diversity of work being exhibited within the city. The Edinburgh Art Festival is developing into a major international visual arts event and this year it presents a wealth of experiences and new art for you to explore. Visit as many of the galleries as you can – most of the exhibitons are free – to enjoy art in all its forms, old and new. The Edinburgh Art Festival has something to offer everyone, whether you are looking to see some of the great masters, such as Canaletto and Van Gogh, or whether you are keen to discover contemporary work or to buy from one of Edinburgh’s prestigious commercial galleries.

There are also many events taking place around the exhibitions, including a special series of Talks and Walks, exploring themes and highlights of the Festival, hosted at the Edinburgh Art Festival Information Station at Stills on Cockburn Street.

Use the web site, with full listings and gallery map, as your guide to the best international, national and Scottish visual art exhibitions, projects, installations and events happening in Edinburgh this August.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Melbourne Art Fair 2006 02-06.08 Australia

Melbourne Art Fair 2006 will be the most dynamic event to date, featuring over 80 national and international galleries from Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, China, Germany and the Netherlands.The Melbourne Art Fair program in addition to the exhibitions, features the Vernissage in association with Saab, a national and international Collector’s Program, public lectures, curated exhibitions, including Project Rooms and feature installation, art publications, Private Lounge, guided tours, tailored travel and accommodation packages and associated parties and events.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ART’FAB until 16.10. Saint Tropez (FR)

ART’FAB is the very first exhibition of the new “Cultural Summer” of Saint-Tropez and the theme is “Women of Europe”. Three subjects, linked to European artistic creation in the 21st century, are illustrated in four completely different parts of the town. The symbolic building dominating Saint- Tropez, the Citadel and the Annonciade Museum, are ideal places to exhibit sculptures and works of European men and women, suggesting fragility, transparency, desire, protection, grace and pleasure.
The 17th century Vasserot washhouse, where linen was washed daily for many centuries,
inspired Yves Sabourin for the exhibition of women artists who use ancient embroidery techniques on modern material in order to create contemporary forms as modern works of art.
The “Salle Jean Despas” will exclusively house works from 21st century women artists: videos, sculptures, paintings works on paper and photographs. Twenty-five European artistic scenes will be explored, and will allow us to discover a panorama of artistic creativity in Europe today. Artists from different cultural backgrounds encounter and confront each other in the same exhibition creating comparisons between the 5

ART’FAB idea of a common way of life, cohabitation and communication at the heart of the European Union This event is the occasion to bring together contemporary artists of European art.
Why does ART’FAB give priority to women artists?
Without intending to put feminine creation in competition with masculine creation, the jury
wishes to devote this exhibition entirely to women artists. The jury chose to take a particular interest in members of the European Union, in order to show great samples of contemporary artists at the heart of a common land, Europe. The exclusivity of women artists was not
intended as a sign of feminism or equality but stems from a desire to create an opportunity for
women to take a stronger place in the art world, which hitherto has mainly been occupied
by men.
Is not feminine creation as universal as masculine creation?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Ensoart Bus Tour 21.07. Galway, Ireland

Project '06 is a large open-access arts festival currently taking place in Galway. As part of Project '06, The Ensoart Bus Tour features a selection of animated films from the Darklight Festival 2006. The Ensoart Bus Tour Pick-up Top of Eyre Square Friday 21 July 3:00PM ? Late Price: €3 A moving venue gathering its audience at various points throughout Galway. Streets, promenade, docks, Salthill beach all become venues for this unique art extravaganza. A one day series of events in a mobile installation/performance experience, culminating in an outdoor projection of Darklight Festival on tour. Detailed programme route at

Monday, July 17, 2006

Busan Sculpture Project

The Busan Sculpture Project is a special exhibition of the Busan Biennale. Its goals are to raise awareness of the importance of the natural environment, of taking the proper measures to protect the global ecosystem as well as appreciating the interconnectedness of human beings with all living things, To facilitate this purpose, the exhibition is composed of site-specific modern artworks as in 'street furniture', to be related to both the artistry of monumental mass-a characteristic of sculpture art and aesthetic traditions with poetic metaphor and polyvalent.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

16 [R]EVOLUTIONS @ ISEA 2006 / SAN JOSE August 12-13, 2006

ABOUT 16 [R]EVOLUTIONS: Lush imagery vibrates against funnel clouds of physicality as 100,000 years of human evolution are condensed into Troika Ranch’s evening length dance, theater and media performance 16 [R]evolutions. The work focuses on a single evolutionary path: how the animal drives of our pre-human ancestors have become sublimated to the point of abject confusion and disconnection. In stark contrast to this path, are exquisite three-dimensional visuals that warp and morph in direct response to the dancers movement, becoming more “animal” than the characters on stage. (At one moment the performers dance with delicate, living strands of DNA, at another, a gigantic digital rib cage ripples and breathes as it envelopes their movement.) 16 [R]evolutions asks the question, can we reconnect with our core needs to feed, fight and reproduce while continuing to evolve into beings of light and intellect. Visit their site